Contaminated Home Case: Prevailed for Client

Summary: Client (Home Purchaser) purchased a house where methamphetamine contamination was not disclosed by Seller, and hired the Law Offices of Schunk & Associates, LLC. Rather than settle, Seller pled the 5th Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination in a civil case. Ultimately, treble damages, compensatory damages, and attorneys’ fees and costs were awarded to Home Purchaser.

Contaminated Home Verdict

Contaminated Home Verdict 2

Garnishment Case: Prevailed for Client

Summary:  Out-of-state client (Garnishee) was subject to confiscation of account funds without notice through garnishment, and did not prevail at trial level. Garnishee hired the Law Offices of Schunk & Associates, LLC, which successfully argued confiscation was improper due to lack of due process. Garnishee completely prevailed at appellate level and obtained a successful reversal of trial court decision.

Garnishment Verdict

Collections Case: Prevailed for Client

Summary: This collections case involved a Defendant who settled a case.  Interest was not provided in settlement agreement, yet collecting attorneys attempted to add this additional cost to Defendant. Defendant hired the Law Offices of Schunk & Associates, LLC. Client prevailed and was absolved of any interest payment.

Collections Verdict

Lien Case: Prevailed for Client

Summary: Client (New Homeowner) was subject to prior lien. Unbeknownst to New Homeowner, Seller continued to use line of credit, and defaulted and filed for bankruptcy. Lender attempted to foreclose on prior line of credit and take property of new homeowner.   New Homeowner hired the Law Offices of Schunk & Associates, LLC and Lender was blocked by favorable ruling for New Homeowner, who obtained a complete release from Seller’s line of credit. 

Lien Verdict

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